Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nevada Magazine Wins ‘General Excellence’ Award

This is the third year out of four that Nevada Magazine has won First Place in the General Excellence category from the Nevada Press Association.
Nevada Magazine, the official travel publication for the state of Nevada, raked in the awards at the annual Nevada Press Association’s 2012 “Better Business Contest,” once again earning first place in General Excellence for magazines.

“We are so proud of the magazine and the hardworking team at Nevada Magazine,” Claudia Vecchio, director of the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs (NDTCA), of which Nevada Magazine is a part. “They pour their hearts into each story, each photo and the layout of every page to ensure that readers get only the best representation of our beautiful state.”

The magazine is published bimonthly and in 2011 celebrated its 75th anniversary, publishing a special edition chronicling the last seven and a half decades of life and news in Nevada. This is the third year out of the last four that the Nevada Press Association has recognized the magazine with its top magazine award.

The judge’s comments include: “This was a fun magazine to read. Good writing, beautiful photography, and interesting mix of copy. It’s unusual to find a state tourism publication that is this well done. Fits its niche perfectly.”

“Awards are always welcome, but they are especially meaningful coming from our peers, our fellow journalists throughout the state we call home,” Publisher Janet Geary said. Nevada Magazine’s 2012 awards from the Nevada Press Association include:
  • First Place, General Excellence
  • First Place, General Excellence in Advertising
  • First Place, Best Page Designer: Tony deRonnebeck
  • First Place, Best Multicolor Ad: Carrie Roussel and Sean Nebeker
  • First Place, Best In-House Promotion: Carrie Roussel & Sean Nebeker
  • First Place, Best Regular Department: Wide Open
  • Best Multiple Photo Essay: Great Nevada Picture Hunt (photo contest)
  • Second Place, Best Local Column: Matthew B. Brown
  • Third Place, Best Large-Space Ad: Carrie Roussel and Sean Nebeker
  • Third Place, Best Page Designer: Sean Nebeker
  • Third Place, Best In-House Promotion: Carrie Roussel and Sean Nebeker
In other awards news, Nevada Magazine associate editor Charlie Johnston received an Award of Merit in the Culture Feature category in the 32nd annual International Regional Magazine Association (IRMA) awards competition. Johnston's "Cultural Guardians" story from the July/August 2011 issue earned him the honor.

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