Wednesday, July 10, 2013

150th-Anniversary License Plates

Governor Brian Sandoval has announced that the Nevada 150th-anniversary license plates will be available at metropolitan DMV offices beginning July 29, and rural offices beginning July 31. The Governor also announced that as of July 9, DMV offices will begin accepting orders for personalized 150th license plates. The license plate is a precursor to the year-long celebration of the 150th anniversary of Nevada’s 1864 statehood.

"The 150th license plate is an important part of recognizing our state's 150th anniversary," Sandoval says. "The proceeds from the plate will go toward supporting the year-long celebration, and I am thrilled that at the end of this month, motorists will be able to show their support for our great state."

Standard plates cost $33.50, plus a $20 annual fee, and personalized plates cost $68.50, plus a $30 annual fee. Revenues from the Nevada 150 license plates will generate funds to support projects and events related to the Nevada 150 celebration.

Click here for more information on standard or personalized 150th-anniversary license plates.


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