Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ely's Jailhouse Motel

It's places like Ely's Jailhouse Motel Casino that epitomize the essence of rural Nevada. We found that out during our delightful stay there earlier this month.

Where else can you eat at the Cell Block Steak House — one of northeastern Nevada's finest — for example? Diners can enjoy their meal in the privacy of their own jail cell. "It’s the best meal you’ll ever experience behind bars," reads the Jailhouse website.

The brick exterior and interior walls fit the property's Wild West theme, complemented by myriad framed black-and-white history photos on the casino walls illustrating the history of the area and state as a whole.

Appropriately, the guest rooms, which accommodate up to four people, are referred to as "cells." The motel also has a Garden Coffee Shop for those who want a cheaper, faster alternative to the steakhouse.

There are a host of slot machines (one-armed bandits) available, but their presence is not overpowering and will go virtually unnoticed to the non-gamer. The property offers a small fitness room and hot tub as well.

Next time you're in Ely, give the Jailhouse a try. You won't be disappointed.